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An Interview with Shelma Kasanti – The Superhero Business Coach

We recently interviewed Shelma Kasanti – a superhero business coach. Her results are extraordinary. She focuses on training other coaches on how to improve their business, but her philosophy will help any business owner. Be sure to bookmark this page!

1. Tell us about your best success stories and the results. You don’t have to disclose names.

All of my clients get results and make their money back. It’s so fun to watch! But let me give you a couple stories.

I met one of my current clients a while back when she wasn’t making money in her business. She had a Facebook group of about 8000 people but no sales coming in. She’s tried a lot of different methods but she was never able to make money from that group. She thought the people in her group are just non-buyers and there’s nothing she can do about it.

We were having casual conversations and I helped her craft an offer just through talking on Messenger. She created the offer and sold it on that same weekend. She immediately made a few hundred dollars. That was the first time she ever made money from her group, and that created a momentum for her. She was on fire. Immediately after that happened, she started making more offers and doing launches.

Within just a few short months, she started making about $15k on her launches. That is when we started officially working together. At that time, she was stuck at that number. She’s been making around $15k for the last 3 launches. We started working together, and after just 2 weeks, she was able to grow past that and made $26k on her launch. Right now we’re working together to get her to $50k launches, and then $100k launches. It’s all coming together beautifully.

Another client of mine started working with me when she was just getting started in her business. She had signed 1 client before, and was feeling like her business was so stressful. She didn’t feel confident in her ability to build a successful business. She felt like she had to follow a cookie cutter formula from someone else and force herself to follow that formula in order to build a successful business.

Now, she’s a confident coach, her clients are getting amazing results. She’s signing more and more clients every month and started building a demand for her service. But the best thing is, she feels that her business is fun now. She shows up every day on her business excited ready to create value and help people. She is changing a lot of people’s lives through her work.

2. What’s the number 1 tip you have for a business owner/coach to achieve their goal?

My number 1 tip would be to focus on your personal growth. Most people would rush to their goal and once they’re there, they will rush to the next goal, and never spend enough time to enjoy the process. Instead of focusing on hitting the goal as quickly as possible, my advice is to focus on your next personal growth goal and enjoy every single step of the way.

The result you have in your business right now comes from the way you think, right now. To be able to create a different result in your business, you need to develop new thoughts that will generate you that new result. Focusing on the thoughts and beliefs you want to work on every single step of the way will help you get the result quickly and efficiently.

3. What’s the biggest mistake you see business owners/coaches make?

Focusing on the action and forcing themselves to take the action instead of developing the thoughts that will push them to actually want to take the actions. For example, when you see a cookie on the counter, you might think, “I want that”. When you think that, you will grab the cookie and eat it. That action comes from the thought “I want that”. You didn’t eat the cookie because you grabbed the cookie. You eat it because you have the thought “I want that”. The thought creates the desire to take the action.

Most entrepreneurs think that what’s creating the result that they want is the action. But the action itself comes from your thinking. When a business coach gives you a list of things to do and not teaching you how to think, to be able to take these actions, you are missing a critical piece of the equation. One that actually creates the result, because your result comes from your thought, not your action.

Someone can give you a step-by-step process to close a sale in a sales call, but if you haven’t develop the thought that will help you show up in the call confident about your expertise and the value of your offer, you still won’t get the result you want.

Intentionality is everything. Work on your thinking first instead of going straight to the action. That’s how you create mind-blowing results.

The tune by The Specials and Fun Boy Three resonates here

4. Tell us about your background.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I used to work as a software test engineer in a Financial Institution in Singapore. I decided to quit my job when I got pregnant with my first child. After that, I started embarking on a journey to find my passion. I knew I wanted to help people. I just didn’t know how exactly.

After a lot of ups and downs, I finally found coaching and I immediately fell in love with it. I love how transformational it is. I love seeing people’s lives changed because of the work I do.

I started by coaching in other people’s programs. Not long after, I started selling for another coach’s program. Because of my deep understanding of how the human brain works, I was able to sell really well. I’ve produced a little over $900k within less than a year of selling.

Now I have my own coaching practice where I help my clients hit their business goals by leveraging their number one biggest asset in business: their own brain.

5. What solution(s) do you provide for your client?

Right now I am working with my clients 1-1 for 6 months. They normally have a specific business goal and I help them achieve their goal.

The way we do it is customized based on where they are in their business.

Some examples of what we do:


  • Being able to be comfortable with marketing themselves
  • Being visible in as many places as they like
  • Create demand for their services
  • How to write copy that compels people to reach out and buy from you


  • Creating an amazing sales process and build your conversion rate up

Time Management:

  • How to create a clear boundary between life and business
  • Minimize tasks so that you have less things to do
  • how to enjoy your business and have fun every step of the way


  • Building a lean business that is profitable
  • Selling more and maximizing profit

6. What books do you recommend?

  1. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  3. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

7. What’s your favorite quote?

The only reason you can’t do it is because you think you can’t do it. – Me

8. What are some bad habits business owners/coaches should get rid of?

Thinking that their results are dependent on what happens outside of themselves (the algorithm, whether they buy or not, etc). When you believe that your results 100% come from your thinking, you’re gaining total control of your business results and you’re unleashing your fullest potential.

About Shelma Kasanti

Shelma Kasanti is a Life Coach and Master Sales Expert who has produced a little over 900k in sales for high ticket coaching programs. Shelma now spends most of her time helping coaches create mind blowing results in their businesses and life. You can reach her on facebook: or on her website:

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