What Can Content Marketing Do For Your Business?

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Well, we're glad you asked!

All businesses, regardless of size, can be heavily rewarded by focusing on content marketing. However, most businesses DON'T do content marketing.

If you're in business, you're an expert at something. Whatever that topic is can be extracted into a content marketing strategy.

Let's take you down a road of how this all works.

Jim's Superior Plumbing happens to be really good at fixing pipe leaks where the pipes are buried inside a cement foundation. This year, the team over at Jim's Superior Plumbing created a webpage on their site that describes how they fix slab leaks, why their approach is different, better and hands-down revolutionary.

That one webpage got indexed by Google one week after it was published. Lo and behold, Jim's Superior Plumbing is getting more phone calls to fix slab leaks.

The customer service representative over at Jim's has also read the page and has it bookmarked, that way when someone calls in, she has a handy reference to help discuss their unique solution to potential customers.

When Jim of Jim's Superior Plumbing goes to his weekly business networking group, he brings a print-out of this page for his group to read and a slideshow that includes a lot of the same content from that webpage on it. Now, when his networking buddies talk to other business owners, neighbors, friends and family members - any time someone mentions slab leaks, they automatically remember to mention Jim.

On the support reps free time, she posts the page to Facebook so all the friends of Jim's Superior Plumbing can learn how Jim solves slab leak problems (which happens to be prevalent in this neck of the woods) and years down the road this reminds others to mention Jim's solution to friends during casual conversations.

That's how content marketing works. You create a useful piece of content, publish it on your own website, let it spread and do its job. The beauty of it is you create one item, pay for it once, and it works its magic for years to come.

Unlike a Google Ad or a Facebook Boost that have short-lived effects, creating and owning your own content has lasting effects. It's the best return on investment of almost any marketing activity. And the reason why most businesses don't engage in content marketing?

The answer: it requires time and focus.

Content marketing is slightly time-consuming. You need a good day blocked out to knock out a good piece of content. Most businesses just don't have the time in their busy schedule to do it. That's where Judicious Inc. comes in. If you need written or video content created for your business, let's have a conversation about it.