What Does Top of the Funnel Mean?

Marketing can be modeled in lead-nurturing stages, including awareness creation, interest, and consideration all the way to the purchase phase. Throughout the process, marketers must be in constant contact with their leads to keep them interested and engaged. When doing this, the ultimate goal is to take the leads to the bottom of the funnel (where the lead becomes a paying customer). In this model, marketers must remain committed to effective top of the funnel marketing strategies to keep the funnel flowing. Continue reading What Does Top of the Funnel Mean?

What Is a Do-It-Yourself Website Builder?

Are you wanting to build a decent website on your own? With the right DIY website builder, it will be a breeze. 

Whether you’re a business owner, writer, painter, singer, or consultant, you can build your site without coding. Thanks to these DIY platforms, technological barriers can’t keep you from going online anymore. 

Remember – it takes about 0.05 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion about your website. So even if you’re a newbie, you must use something decent. That’s where DIY website builders save the day.

However, getting the best DIY website builder can be confusing and tricky. In this guide, you’ll learn the A-to-Z of DIY website builders. Continue reading What Is a Do-It-Yourself Website Builder?