the law of 100

The Law of 100

Note: This was originally posted by Noah Kagen on LinkedIn. He permitted us to re-post it here. Thanks, Noah!

New year, new results. Right? Wrong.

If you focus on results from the start, you’re doomed to fail.

Instead, I practice The Law of 100:

A quick backstory.

A photography class was split into two groups:

1. Quantity
2. Quality

The quantity group had to take 100 photos. The quality group just had to take ONE perfect photo.

The results?

The quantity group CRUSHED it. Their quality was WAY better.

Here’s why:

While the quality group became obsessed over trying to take the right photo, the quantity group experimented more, learned from their mistakes, and got better over time.

Introducing, The Law of 100:

Start with your first 100 reps of anything and completely ignore the results.

🌮 Starting a podcast? Record 100 episodes.
🌮 Launching a newsletter? Send 100 emails.
🌮 Learning the guitar? Practice for 100 days.

It’s counterintuitive, I know.

Here’s how to make it work:

1. Pick your day of the week

Every Wednesday, I send out a newsletter NO MATTER WHAT.

Pick YOUR day.

2. Reduce the friction

🌮 If you’re doing YouTube, keep your camera out.
🌮 If you’re practicing chess, leave your chess set on the table.
🌮 If you’re growing a business, email ONE customer.

Make it easy for yourself to succeed.

3. Get an accountability buddy

Every Sunday for the past 8 years, I email my friend Adam everything I said I’d do last week and everything I say I’ll do this week.

It holds me accountable and ensures I’m progressing.

Find someone you respect who will help you on your journey.

4. Join a community

Whatever you’re doing, surround yourself with people trying to do the same.

Two free ideas:

1. Join a Facebook group
2. Find a local club


It’s helpful seeing others failing or succeeding on the same journey as you.

You won’t feel alone and you’ll know you can do it.

5. Take a break

When I’m feeling out of it, I go for a walk.

I come back feeling refreshed and ready for the next day.

If you’re not feeling great, do the same. It’s okay to rest!

So long as you don’t give up.

6. Notice what’s working

Seeing the progress you’ve made is an AMAZING feeling.

It also helps you speed up!

So take a step back, reflect on what’s worked, and do more of that.

7. Have a clear why

If you’re starting a business, remind yourself daily why you’re doing it.

It’s easy to get discouraged trying something new. Remembering why it matters is critical.

8. Make it fun!

At the beginning of my podcast, it started feeling like a job. I felt obligated to do it.

So instead of quitting, I asked: what can I do to make this more fun?

🌮 Outsource it
🌮 Switch the format
🌮 Change the day of the week

Bottom line: you should enjoy what you do!

9. Reward yourself

Every Friday, if I’ve accomplished what I needed to, I treat myself to breakfast tacos.

It’s simple, but I love it.

The point:

Give yourself something to look forward to.

Your consistency should be recognized!

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