therapy practice roi calculator

Therapy Practice Return On Investment Calculator

We released our Therapy Practice ROI Calculator last week. This tool allows you to calculate the return on investment your practice will receive if it engages with the Judicious, Inc. Therapy Maximizer Service.

If you head to our home page, you can try the ROI calculator out for yourself.

How does it work?

therapy return on investment calculator

Simply enter:

  • The number of clients you’d like to add to your practice a month
  • The average number of sessions a client has with you per month
  • Your typical session fee

We’re confident our work will bring in at least one new client a month. Therefore you can plug 1 in for that value. However, it’s possible we’ll bring more clients to you, so feel free to try values such as 2 or 3.

If you operate a recovery house or a larger practice, then use a range of values (2 to 10).

Let’s go through an example

therapy practice roi example

Let’s assume you operate a therapy practice and you charge $150/session and the average person does 3 sessions a month. With just 1 new client a month, you’d generate:

therapy roi results

In this scenario, our Therapy Maximizer service pays for itself and then some. There are cases where our service doesn’t generate a profit and that’s when the session price is on the lower end. We do have a solution for practices that charge lower session fees.

Why did we create this tool?

Quite simply; to demonstrate the value of our Therapy Maximizer service. When we first released this service, it wasn’t clear how our service would impact bottom lines. But when you’re adding clients every month, the math definitely gets interesting!

Free Therapy Practice Audit

Judicious, Inc. can do a free audit of your therapy business to see:

  • What website optimization opportunities are available to generate more awareness and clients.
  • What opportunities are available using Google Business Profile and other online directories.
  • If there are any technical issues with your website.
  • How to improve what is already working for your practice.

Click on the button below to schedule your free audit:

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