wix seo search engine optimization

Wix is a very popular do-it-yourself website builder and hosting platform. DIY website platforms are getting more popular these days as the cost of maintaining and developing WordPress websites is getting more expensive.

We're going to answer some common questions regarding SEO-ing Wix websites on this page. If you'd like to schedule an appointment to have us look at your Wix website, use the scheduling form below.

First, What Is “Seo”? What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. When you “SEO” a website, you’re making modifications to your site to attract more visitors from search engines like Google.

Can You SEO a Wix Site?

Yes, you can! There are very few website platforms that can’t be SEO-d these days. Any website platform provider knows they need to be able to allow for SEO or there’s really no point in using their service. Why would anyone want to use a website platform that can’t be indexed by Google?

Are Wix Websites SEO-D Right Out of the Box?

Nope. All websites need to have a professional SEO optimize the site during construction or after it has been launched. There’s no way to SEO a website automatically without doing a thorough keyword analysis and site architecture plan.

Is It Better to Go With WordPress for SEO?

We haven’t found a good reason that says one platform is better than the other. Both platforms can be optimized. There is one advantage to going with Wix over WordPress for SEO and that is a Wix website comes managed. That means there won’t be any issues with hacked plugins or themes – or anything that can bring your website down. Also, WordPress websites can get bogged down after a lot of plugins are installed. This can increase page load time which hurts your search engine optimization performance.

Do You Offer Wix SEO Training?

Judicious, Inc. offers SEO Training for Wix website owners and marketing teams. With a quick, one-hour Zoom training, we can show you everything you need to know so that you can optimize your website yourself. You’ll get a hands-on experience that will make you comfortable with SEO-ing your own website.

Wix SEO Tips

Make sure you have your most important keyword in the title tag

If there’s one thing you can do to drastically improve the business performance of your website, it would be to make sure your most important keyword is in your home page title tag.

Most of the time, people will just put their business name in their title tag – which is good – but that’s all they do. It’s a better idea to add a keyword or phrase that describes what your business does and sometimes a geographical term (like the city you operate out of).

There’s a LOT MORE to keywords, but this is a good place to start. Judicious, Inc. offers a full keyword analysis for our clients. This allows us to know what keywords your customers are actually searching for, how often they are doing these searches and how competitive these keywords are to rank for in the search engines. Doing a keyword analysis allows you to architect a website that attracts the full potential of all the searches your business should be optimized for (not just one keyword).

Don’t upload images from your phone that haven’t be resized

A common habit that many website owners engage in is they will upload an uncompressed photo from their phone onto their website. These photos are usually enormous in file size and take a long time to download. This will slow down your website page load time which in the end will make visitors click back. Additionally, it will hurt your SEO grade with Google and other search engines.

Rename your photos and images using plain English

The second issue with images that come from a phone or DSLR is they are usually automatically named something like IMG-045.jpg. If you are able to rename the file to something like my-shiny-new-bike.jpg, search engines will have a better idea of what your images are about.

Be long-winded

Anytime you write a web page or blog post on your Wix website, feel free to write A LOT. Being very detailed can only help your search engine optimization efforts. Often times, a lot of the Google searches that end up bringing a visitor to your website is because the person searching is looking for something very specific. The more detail you put into your page and post copy, the more “longtail” searches will find your website.