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Why Service Based Businesses Should Invest in SEO Over All Else

How would a steady stream of leads change your business?

Every business owner wants to expand their market share and reach new customers. A steady stream of leads increases stability and allows your company to achieve revenue targets, but business owners can get overwhelmed with the marketing channels.

You can do social media marketing, run newspaper ads, and implement other strategies. It can get stressful to stay on top of everything, but if you narrow your focus, you can increase revenue while spending less time on the marketing side. Luckily, we have a solution for business owners seeking more clients for their services.

Service based businesses looking to grow in 2023 and beyond should give SEO a closer look. Investments in this area can help you stand out from the competition and help you exceed your revenue goals. We will discuss some of the reasons to incorporate SEO into your marketing strategy and how it can increase your sales.

Key Point: Search engine optimization can be paid for once and deliver results from that point forward. That’s why it’s the smartest marketing activity there is. Once your website is attracting customers to your business, you’re getting better and better ROI every quarter from here on out. So get it done!

SEO Brings More Awareness to Your Services and Solutions

Knowing how the consumer’s mind works can simplify your marketing and increase revenue with less effort. Most consumers start their customer journey with a Google search. People actively look for services in their area, especially when they have a pressing need. A homeowner who discovers accumulating mold in their bathroom may rush to contact a mold removal company. This homeowner probably doesn’t know any mold removal companies, but a simple Google search reveals local options.

Creating optimized pages detailing your services and solutions will help you get in front of your target audience. These pages are critical assets that can drive up revenue without 24/7 monitoring. Services pages describe what you provide and the tangible results you can provide clients. Many companies have poorly optimized services pages or none at all, which reduces potential sales.

A mold removal company can detail its procedure and approach, so prospects get familiar with the process. Services pages prompt potential customers to take action. Some pages invite prospects to send an email, while others invite potential customers to schedule a free call. You can choose the call to action that converts the most for your company.

Local SEO Can Give Your Company Meaningful Visibility

Business owners invest in marketing campaigns to get in front of prospects. Many marketing channels can increase your visibility, but few of them attract ideal prospects. You can get reach more people with newspaper ads, but you have fewer targeting capabilities and ways to follow up with prospects. Social media marketing has targeting capabilities, but you can reach a global audience. Service based businesses that serve local communities do not want to reach international audiences. They want to reach prospects in their communities.

Business owners want to invest in marketing channels that generate an ROI instead of feeling like they are flushing money down the toilet. Local SEO can provide continuous traffic even if you trim your budget in the future. Local SEO strategies allow you to rank for visitors in your community. These strategies present your services to prospects who live a few miles away from your location instead of people who live in another state or country.

Some service providers combine organic SEO strategies with Google Ads that reach consumers based on location and other parameters. Effective ads are a nice complement to any marketing strategy, but you don’t need them to meaningfully grow your search engine traffic. You have far fewer competitors when you rank for local keywords, and some of your competitors may not have SEO at the forefront of their marketing strategies. If your competitors ignore this opportunity, you can quickly rank at the top for important local keywords in your industry.

Articles Builds Trust and Turns Visitors Into Leads

Most consumers do not buy from service providers upon the first interaction. Prospects need to trust a company’s services before paying for them. Running ads will increase visibility, but SEO is more effective at building trust. Detailed and optimized services pages will attract people to your website, a domain where you have more control. You won’t have to worry about ads, social media posts, and other distractions interrupting your visitor’s experience on your website. You also have more space and flexibility on your website which can help you close more deals. Service providers can include testimonials from past customers and detail how their services are better than the competition. These testimonials can make prospects more confident in your services, but articles also do wonders.

Publishing articles on your website will also strengthen the relationship between your company and prospects. Visitors will have more reasons to revisit your website when you produce quality blog posts. You can provide educational resources that invite prospects to schedule a call to learn more about your services. Each time you provide value, prospects learn to trust your brand and services. These articles can also rank well for SEO and attract new visitors to your website. Blog posts act as your 24/7 salespeople, constantly attracting new leads to your business. While you should prioritize SEO for your services pages, writing blog posts can increase your visibility and attract local prospects.

You Will Get More Data on Your Prospects and Customers

Data is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Getting more of it can inform business decisions that maximize profits and minimize costs. Analytics are a visual representation of how your customers think. You can tell which services get more traffic and how many calls you get for each one. Publishing blog posts that address questions throughout the customer journey can inform you about how the majority of your prospects think. Some prospects may learn about you through comparison articles, while others may learn about your services from how-to articles.

All of these data points can guide your SEO strategy and marketing initiatives across other channels. It’s easier to crystallize your messaging when you know what your prospects think. You can optimize your messaging and call-to-action placements to increase the number of appointments. Many service providers will generate more revenue if they increase their bookings. You can guess and get lucky, but the data you obtain from an SEO strategy will remove the guesswork and increase efficiency.

SEO Traffic Is More Affordable Than Ad Traffic

Every business wants to lower their costs and increase profits, and SEO is a rare marketing channel that does both. SEO is a more affordable method that can generate a higher ROI than running online ads.

Advertising traffic relies on your ad budget. Your ad traffic will drop to zero the moment you turn off your ads, and you will be back to square one. SEO traffic is different since it relies on evergreen blog posts and pages that encourage prospects to schedule calls with you. Services pages can continue ranking for important keywords long after you create and polish them. Companies can gain more traction by publishing articles on their blogs. You can keep these articles on your blog forever, and they can increase your website’s search engine traction. Google plays favorites and will give preference to established websites. Local service providers can quickly establish themselves since they have fewer competitors. You are not competing with a global audience for search engine traffic. It’s easier to rank on the first page for local keywords that can drive more demand for your business, and you don’t have to pay any extra money to maintain those rankings. SEO efforts continue to pay off years later and attract a steady stream of prospects to your business.

Fire Up Your Sales with a Local SEO Strategy

A local SEO strategy can ignite a stuck business and help service providers achieve new revenue milestones. This marketing channel puts you in front of prospects at critical stages of the customer journey. Local service providers have fewer competitors who focus on search engine initiatives, making it easier to rank on the first page for important keywords. You can then funnel incoming traffic to your calls to action. Some service providers prefer jumping on a call with prospects first, while others may lead you straight to the order form. A local SEO strategy creates more possibilities for your business and can increase your market share.

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