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Business blogs are probably one of the most under-utilized assets for most companies. They usually serve as an afterthought, as “something else we should have on the website.” But when used and nurtured correctly, a business blog can be the highest ROI in your sales and marketing arsenal.

Consider this: one amazing blog post will do all these things:

  • Attract prospects to your website – for years.
  • Attract other websites to link to your website – an SEO boost.
  • Build trust with those prospects – warming them up to a business relationship.
  • Serve as material for your sales team.
  • Help your customers solve common problems. This improves your customer’s relationship with your brand (which drives word-of-mouth marketing).
  • Cause your business to be seen as an authority in its space – again, improving touches with prospects.
  • Double as email marketing material.

The ROI? Consider it infinite.

Sound crazy?

If one blog post brings in one lead a day, then as long as you’re still in business, day-after-day, that numerator grows…

return on investment equation

…because the cost is fixed.

And if you compare that to spending money on Google AdWords or other pay-per-click advertising networks, which one sounds like a better use of your budget?

Let us unlock this wonderful door for you by doing a live audit over the phone.

Free of charge.

Yep, we’re trying to win your business – but it won’t be a “salesy call.” Instead, it will be flowing with 100% actionable information your team can jump on right after the call. We may come across an area where we can help during the call, and we’ll definitely let you know if we see an opportunity to help out.

Here are some of the things we’ll be looking for during the call:

  • Website SEO – We’ll cruise around your website and blog and examine the source code. We’ll identify any duplicate content issues, redirect issues, problems with your canonical tags, and title tag issues.
  • Content Quality – We’ll give you a brutally honest review of your blog content. Get ready to cringe! Just kidding…your blog might be in good shape. We’ll show you how to take it to the next level.
  • Headlines – We’ll most likely make some remarks about your blog headlines. After all, if your headlines stink, no one is going to click through to your post.
  • Traffic – We’ll give you recommendations on how to increase your site traffic.

Let’s Do This! Schedule A Call Below:

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