The Turtle Plan

Slow & steady wins the race!

turtle website management plan
  • 4 Updates or Fixes / Month
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Monthly Back Up
  • Investment: $500/mo

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Who's the Turtle Plan for?

This plan is perfect for the business or organization that wants peace of mind, someone always looking after their website and wants their website to improve their business.

Attentive webmastering + SEO = stealthy win!

No one said you have to do SEO fast. As a matter of fact, slow, basic SEO tends to win in the end because it's 100% organic. All the tricks or hacks used by "growth hacking SEO" agencies can backfire come the next Google update.

The SEO included in this package is the same SEO Judicious, Inc. uses for all clients, just at a more mellow pace. Thorough keyword analysis, microscopic website auditing, and smart website improvements will help your business or organization build organic traffic over time.

What we do for you

On average, most of our clients ask for about 4 website updates or fixes a month. So we made this plan based on this frequency. If you have more than 4 we schedule them for the following month. But this plan provides a nice easy cadence that most small to medium-sized businesses can roll with.

Simultaneously, we're continually performing our search engine optimization treatment throughout the engagement. You're going to get Judicious, Inc.'s world-class keyword analysis, written content plan, site expansion and our famous (incredibly thorough) on-page SEO. Your website traffic will grow in your sleep!

Finally, we ensure your website is backed up. Depending on your platform, your website will be backed up by our team on your web server as well as on our hard drives. This ensures double backups in case something goes awry.

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