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Who's the Mighty Max Plan for?

This plan is for those who want everything Judicious, Inc. has to offer: thorough search engine optimization, written website content creation and social media management. This plan is designed to grow serious website traffic and provide written content that can be used for newsletter marketing and social media.

Written website content is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy. At Judicious, Inc. we know what web pages and articles attract search engine traffic. We formulate a written content plan that's based on data and jives with your marketing strategy. Each month we publish written content to help execute your strategy and grow your website traffic.

What we do for you

The first thing we do is a deep dive into your keyword landscape. This is one of our specialties. We want to know every possible word, phrase, question, use case, solution, and brand name variation that your business or organization is associated with and see how much search traffic there is for those queries and how competitive they are. We present this report to you so you know what your audience is actually searching for.

Next, we architect the future of your site so that we have a roadmap of future web pages and articles that can attract that traffic. Each month we create this written content while also improving all your on-page SEO. Our goal is to ensure you have the best-optimized site you can have while continually improving on it.

Any website requests, changes, fixes, or updates you have can be submitted to Judicious, Inc. and we'll knock them out for you.

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