WordPress Hacked? We Can Fix Your Website!

broken website repair service

WordPress websites get hacked a lot.

We know the frustration you're going through if this has happened to you.

In most cases, we can fix a WordPress site that has been hacked.

What we can offer:

1. Dig in and rip out whatever has caused the problem

The first step is to isolate the problem and get rid of it. It could be a script injection or it could be a few spammy links the hackers left behind. Whatever it is, we'll get to the bottom of it.

2. Do a thorough plugin and theme audit

99% of the time WordPress websites get hacked thanks to an outdated or poorly designed plugin or theme. We'll see if either are causing problems and provide solutions for moving forward.

3. Watch over your site.

After a website has been disinfected or repaired after a hack, it's important to watch the site carefully to make sure the hackers don't try something again. Sometimes, the hackers leave really sneaky "sleeper" code injections that rear their ugly head way after a site has been restored. Regardless, we'll be ready and have everything backed up just in case that happens.

4. Be your webmaster

If you like working with us, we can maintain your site moving forward so that you have peace of mind and be able to run your business stress free.