SEO Training for Solopreneurs and Small Businesses

seo training

Knowing how to SEO your own website and online presence can really give you a leg up on the competition. Getting even a few hundred more website visits a month can change your business overnight.

In this course, we’ll teach you how to SEO your website and your online profiles so that you get found for searches conducted by your target audience. Everything taught in this course will not require any technical web development or computer programming skills. As long as you know how to edit your website, you can optimize your website.

  • This course doesn’t care what kind of website you have, who is hosting it, or who built it. Everything you will learn will be applicable.
  • Crowd participants will be able to ask questions.
  • You will be given a PDF of the course material.
  • The coursework is copyrighted and recordings are not allowed.
  • This course is taught live by Sean Work (founder of Judicious, Inc.).
  • Course Duration: 90 minutes.


📊 Keyword Analysis


Keyword analysis is probably the most eye-opening part of SEO. It’s the secret that reveals what your customers are looking for (and what they’re not). There’s tons of data to uncover that will blow your mind!

  • How to find keywords with the most search volume.
  • How to find out if the keywords you think are important are really important after all.
  • How to find blog posts worth writing.
  • How keyword analysis will help you with sales pitches, advertising copy and more!


✍️ Writing On-Page Copy


One of the easiest areas for improvement is just knowing what and how to write on your web pages. We’ll go over the most important parts of your website and online properties that need a writing tune-up.


🏁 Page Speed


An important Google ranking factor is how fast your website loads pages. We’ll show you how to measure page speed and what a reasonable speed is. We’ll also tell you how you can determine if you need to ditch your current web hosting or if you can stick with them.


🖼️ Image Optimization


One of the best ways to improve page speed is to optimize images and photographs for the web. You can also get some extra SEO brownie points by optimizing your image alt tags.


🏛️ Site Architecture


  • Planning future web pages for more traffic.
  • Arranging web pages to capitalize on your keyword research.
  • Why 1-page websites don’t do well in search engines.


🔗 Backlinks


All modern search engines use links that point to your website from other websites as a ranking factor. We’ll teach you how to get links the safe way and what you need to stay away from. Sites can get banned from search engines if you get links using certain techniques.


✍️ Blogging


The fastest and most surefire way to grow any website is by blogging. And yes, all websites can have a blog.


⚙️ Advanced SEO


In this last section, we’ll cover some more advanced topics just to make sure you have everything covered.

  • Checking for duplicate content
  • Checking site redirects
  • Creating 301 Redirects
  • Robots.txt
  • Conducting a site inventory
  • Press and PR