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We Got The Secret Sauce!

Restaurant websites are notoriously SEO unfriendly. It’s unfortunate because SEO is a great way to build loyal customers. People all over your city are searching Google for the cuisine you serve. If you’re not attracting them to your website, you’re missing out on a huge growth opportunity.

As a matter of fact, before you invest in ANY marketing for your restaurant, we recommend knocking out SEO first. It’s the marketing that will deliver customers week after week, LONG after you’ve paid for it. The return on investment only gets better with time.


First, What is SEO?


SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing discipline that involves improving your website and other online profiles to attract people who are searching the Internet for what you offer.

SEO is usually framed in terms of optimizing your website to increase visits from Google. However, your online profiles such as Facebook, Yelp, even LinkedIn – can all be optimized to assist in this marketing endeavor.


Benefit #1 – Your competitors aren’t doing it


Which means there is a ton of untapped opportunity out there. There are thousands of customers not being directed to your website or your competitors’ websites that you can be routed to yours.

We’ve been looking at restaurant websites for years and have noticed the same faulty pattern created by the website developers that hinder restaurants from gaining more visitors. We understand, restaurants can be hectic businesses to operate and websites are generally the last thing on owners’ minds.


Benefit #2 – Discover what your customers are really looking for


This is one of those most eye-opening things that our customers experience. We have data that will tell us what restaurant goers want and what they don’t want. This powerful insight allows us to match customer demand to your kitchen.

For example, if a sizable audience in your town is looking for calzone and no one has optimized for that dish, wouldn’t it behoove a local Italian restaurant to do so? Here at Judicious, Inc., we know if people are actually searching for calzone (or if they're not)!


Why Choose Judicious, Inc.?


Optimizing a website to attract customers is a one-time project. Once the project is finished, the website will continue to bring in customers so long as the website is online. Unlike other marketing (flyers, coupons, ads), you don’t need to keep paying for SEO. Other agencies may try to put you on a SEO retainer program, but it’s not necessary.

Now for the secret sauce...

At Judicious, Inc. we’ve developed a special methodology just for restaurants. After years of looking at hundreds of restaurant websites, we’ve seen a consistent design pattern that really hurts their SEO.

This year, due to COVID, we’ve created a process just for restaurants. It turns out, restaurants have a unique characteristic compared to other businesses that lends itself to really taking advantage of SEO. We were so excited to roll out this program that we’ve actually expedited it – putting it ahead of other initiatives.

Who we can help:

• Restaurants

• Cafes & Coffee Shops

• Food Trucks

• Diners

• Cafeterias

• Buffets

• Ghost Kitchens


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