Help Us Acquire Clients & Earn $500 For Each Signed Client

make 500 dollars

We’re offering friends and family of Judicious, Inc. $500 for every new client that is introduced to us and becomes a customer of Judicious, Inc. A business becomes a customer of Judicious, Inc. once they’ve signed a contract with Judicious, Inc.

Why are we doing this?

It’s a very friction-free sales and marketing method. Judicious, Inc. can spend money on advertising or we can pass that money on to friends and family who are aiding us in our sales and marketing efforts. We’d much rather pay people we know than a huge corporation.

If you’ve found this page and we don’t know each other, you can still reach out to us. Perhaps, once we get to know each other we’ll extend this program to you as well. And thanks for stopping by!

Update: We’ve received a few inquiries from new people outside our friends and family network. Some of those new relationships have worked well. If you’re interested in helping us, please contact us below.