Search Engine Optimization for HubSpot Websites

HubSpot claims to do it all but it’s easy to miss the smart SEO tricks

You probably know HubSpot as a suite of integrated CRM and sales tools, but did you know you can also use it to create your website?

Sounds good but creating a site in an unfamiliar platform with a lot of other stuff going on comes with pitfalls, and just like every other website you need to be maximizing its chances for success on Google. Which of course means you have to pump up your SEO.

Why build in HubSpot?

The first reason could be as simple as, it’s not WordPress.

I know, it’s a bold statement but while WordPress may have become the go-to platform for professional developers, its very nature as an open platform has turned it into something of a monster.

If you have a serious site in WordPress, rather than just a blogging site for example, its maintenance is now a full-time job with backups, plugin and software updates and, serious security issues to manage on a daily basis.

HubSpot benefits and challenges

HubSpot in comparison is more consistent and of course it is much more than a website platform.

In fact, it’s a platform that offers extraordinary insights into your sales, marketing and business performance. Used correctly it will provide the detailed information that can really grow your sales, boost your conversion rates and show real returns on ROI.

But building a HubSpot website isn’t for the faint hearted. It can be really difficult to achieve the look and feel you want so you could be compromising your public face in order to maximize your back end reporting.

There are also a vast number of tools; they’re there to help but they can become really confusing and inevitably get left untouched.

You can get help by using an expensive accredited HubSpot developer but even then, you can end up with an interface that is maximized for HubSpot but difficult to navigate for people!

So, you have to weigh up the real benefits of smart reporting and insights against the difficulty and expense of a complicated site build.

HubSpot SEO Tools

If you find the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and you do build a site in HubSpot you’ll find there are useful SEO recommendation and optimization tools included.

If you have the correct tools turned on, HubSpot will send you actionable recommendations for how to optimize the site, ranked to show which of the actions will have the most impact on the site’s performance in search.

There is also a content strategy tool that helps you organize onsite pages, so they are easier to discover and rank based on what you and your customers are interested in. And as you’d expect there’s a lot of reporting available to help identify areas for performance improvement.

The issue is that many customers using HubSpot are reluctant to touch any of the SEO tools for fear of messing up. Understandably they’re just not sure if they’ll detract from site traffic rather than positively boosting it.

How we can work together to boost your HubSpot SEO

We know that sites can achieve stunning search results in HubSpot. But as we mentioned the tools available aren’t as intuitive or as easy to use as they could be.

That’s where Judicious, Inc. comes in. We can help you maximize SEO in HubSpot using simple, proven processes that get results, no matter what platform you use.

We know how the HubSpot SEO tools work and combining our process with their tools will pump-up your search results, so your site achieves its strategic goals.

Our process

Our approach is to discuss your needs based on your strategic goals. We then create a road map that is guided by what we find after a review of your site. We start with local SEO (if necessary), a process that ensures your site is listed in the correct databases and directories online.

Next, we do a thorough keyword analysis. This is an integral part of the process and includes research specific to all the keywords your business wants to rank for and their effectiveness in searches.

In addition, we often need to fix things on the site like optimizing heading tags, correcting the title tags, completing/adding meta descriptions or correcting redirect and text link issues.

This is just one of the areas where an understanding of the HubSpot SEO tools pays dividends, we’ll make sure the correct options are utilized so you can have confidence these fixes won’t need making in the future.

Finally, as content strategy and creation is the most effective ROI - which is why HubSpot has an integrated content tool - we’ll show you how to get the best out of it.

Our goal is for you to be more successful in reaching your target audience with messaging that encourages them to act.