Website Image Optimization

blog image optimization

The First Rule Of Conversion Rate Optimization: Make Your Site Fast!

The fastest way to get your website to convert is to optimize all the images. It's tedious, painstaking work, but that's what we're good at!

Unoptimized Image - File Size: 3.7mb, Average Time to Load: 3 seconds

Optimized Image - File Size: 295kb, Average Time to Load: .1 seconds

In the above example, the images look identical (even on a Mac retina screen), yet one takes a lot longer to load. And that's what makes website visitors click back, ruining your conversion rates and/or sales.

As you can see, optimizing images is a game changer. Especially when you think about the cumlative effects of having too many unoptimized images on a website.

We will optimize every image on your website or blog. Afterward, your webpages will load quicker and your images will be found in Google search results!

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